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Minnesota Rubber & Plastics Appoints Jay Ward as New Chief Executive Officer.

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics' Globally Compliant Materials Portfolio Certified EPDM, FKM and NBR Materials for the Food and Beverage Industries.

Qutoplex® High Performance Plastic From Minnesota Rubber & Plastics Has Conformability And Dimensional Stability — Ideal For Metal Conversions.

Qultimax® Elastomers & Thermoplastics Portfolio From Minnesota Rubber & Plastics Is Ideal For Large Parts.

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics' High Purity EPDM, FKM and NBR Materials for the Medical and Pharma Industries.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Introduces - Qmonix® 558EC. New European Food Contact Regulatory Compliant EPDM.

Minnesota Rubber Introduces High Value And Rapid Delivery For The Most Popular And Highly Demanded Molded Quad® O-Rings, Quad-Rings®, And Quad® Rubber Balls.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics' River Falls Wisconsin Facility Receives Torlon Processing Certification.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Receives 2015 Best Quality Award From Xiamen Runner Industrial Corporation.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Introduces Quniton® A New Family of Permanent, Highly Lubricious Materials.

Component Miniaturization In A Broad Range Of Materials Gives Design Engineers More Options And Greater Flexibility.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Positions for Growth.

Custom Molded Filter Screen Assemblies Limit Contamination And Reduce Product Failure – Available From Minnesota Rubber And Plastics.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Receives General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award.

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